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Some call me the "Domain King". Some call me the "Webfather". Some just call me "Names". Welcome to a place where "Numbers" are king and personalities just don't count!

For 3 years I worked with hundreds if not thousands of webmasters. I reviewed hundreds of sites and gave them tips on how to make their sites become more profitable. It worked every time too. It is easy to squeeze more profit from ANY site with a few simple modifications. I no longer have the patience to work with the masses of mindless webmasters so I put this site out with info you can use. Here are the answer to your questions. If you can't figure it out, then don't waste my time. If you can figure it out, you'll understand why time is of the essence and I have little time to share.

What I know about webmastering has nothing to do with html. Has nothing to do with programming. Has nothing to do with the internet in many ways. It has to do with business. Your website and the supermarket should have a lot in common. In the supermarket they direct you through aisles like mice in a simple maze. Your website should direct your traffic in a similar way for it to be as successful as it can be.

There are many ways to build a "Mousetrap". If you are a webmaster you may build or run a site. If you are a master at "Webmastering", you build "Mousetraps".

If you are a professional webmaster you will see just how bad I am when it comes to even making up this or any of my other sites. I truly suck even by novice standards. But I have learned that the "Enter button" alone just may be the perfect site. Are you laughing at me? I don't mind. They have been laughing well before I bought my 3000 .com domains. They were laughing when I had less than 1000 hits a day. Now that the things I wrote on in 1997 have actually happened, they have stopped laughing. Now that I generate more than 3 million monthly hits to my index pages alone......the folks that know, stopped laughing. Now that the value of my holdings have staggered even my most vocal critics, the laughs have turned into listeners and if you can do that may hear and see things you did not recognize before.

The real "Power" is that those 3 million (Type-in) hits are so targeted, so potent, go high energy, that they perform and have the buying power as if there were 15 million hits or more. Just like a "Bullseye" is worth more in darts......a targeted hit is worth more on the internet. We have "Highly targeted" hits and that has a value all its own in both adult and mainstream areas of the web. This gives a unique opportunity to use our traffic as a "Benchmark" to measure how effective your site is. An opportunity to measure your closing effectiveness with the best, most targeted adult traffic on the internet. A chance to see if your "Mousetrap" has an effective mechanism to close sales no matter what you sell.

We will be reviewing different sponsor programs and then publishing the REAL numbers. You'll be able to see if a sponsor's claims stands up to the most targeted traffic on the internet. The first tests will be done in the adult world as this has proven to be the internets most

Here is the page we used to test. Click here for our test page The link at the bottom "Main Entrance" is the test link for each program. The hits are sent by such high profile domain names as,,, just to mention a few. Each "Official test" lasts for 48 hours and is broken down into 3 different categories that include first 24 hours, second 24 hours and then the combined totals. We give you the date so you can make adjustments for time of the week etc. We offer no opinions and just present you with factual numbers based on a controlled but unscientific snapshot of how WE did with OUR traffic. Different traffic sent to different mousetraps present different results. These are our results. How YOU use this info is up to you.

Do you know what the difference is between 50% or 1/2 and the following fractions?




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